Diagnostic Laboratories

Diagnostic laboratories and Telemedicine Integration

Telemedicine with digital diagnostics provides digital health toolbox to the providers. This helps telemedicine to extend the point of care virtually. Patients can take the lab tests and send to the provider for better treatment. This reduces crowded ED and doctor approach physically increasing patient satisfaction. Integrating lab results in the patient’s profile helps follow-up services increasing the quality and range of services.

For instance, diagnoses require continuous monitoring. In this case, the provider requires the blood test results of the patient for accurate treatment. Telemedicine integrated with diagnostic laboratories helps the patients to send the lab results to the doctor virtually. This, in turn, helps the provider to give the best possible treatment to the patients resulting in better medicine, better patient experience, and a more sustainable economic model. Hence, quick lab tests either at home or at nearby laboratories are easier to access than visiting the hospital to take the test. Digital lab testing services help healthcare providers diagnose test results quickly, speeding treatment of the patient keeping them out of office visits.

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