Provide care beyond the walls of the clinic & hospital

Deliver convenient and faster healthcare service for the increasing demand for care through a telehealth solution.

Increase value-based care to meet the demand for quality

Efficient patient management
Reduce care delivery cost
Optimize remote patient monitoring
Utilize telehealth for extensive care

Upgrade to e-home healthcare service

Care in-home patients better using digital health equipment and adopting telehealth solution. InstaPract adapts telehealth to provide intuitive e-home care solutions to remain relevant to your patients.

  • Provide faster and immediate healthcare access
  • Offer a wide range of services
  • Deliver one-on-one personalized care
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Provide personalized health care through real-time communication

Address patient’s need proactively anytime anywhere through a secured cloud-based solution.

Live video conferencing & chat

Virtual patient monitoring

Reduce rehospitalization

Patient-centric home care workflow

Secure health data transmission

Provide proactive care with real-time data

Improve access in chronic disease management

Provide on-demand care

Daily snapshot of patient’s vital signs

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InstaPract is the tool for convenient medical telehealth service

Deliver e-health solutions with a blend of robust technology to improve the patient experience.