Open the door to reliable, affordable, and scalable e-healthcare service

Seamlessly provide virtual care to increase patient satisfaction with InstaPract’s white-labelled intelligent platform and APIs.

Revolutionizing Remote Patient Monitoring platform to care better

Improve internal productivity
Save staff resources
Increase patient satisfaction
Reduce readmission rates

Accelerate the opportunity for extended care

Shift care from hospital to home with the patient at the centre of care. InstaPract helps you set patient-centric goals with best telehealth practices. Efficient use of technology for monitoring and transmitting the data securely.

  • E-standardization of patient identification, screening & monitoring
  • Easy to monitor & analyse healthcare data
  • Efficient workflow at a low cost
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Adopt and continue RPM to increase patient satisfaction

Witness the effectiveness of provider’s flexibility to deliver informed data-driven care.

Effective for patients with chronic disease

Decrease hospitalizations & readmissions

Reduce daily exposure

Lower patient cost

High care quality with low burnout

Easy access to patient’s vital signs

Intuitive patient engagement workflow

Wireless devices for real-time tracking

Increase clinical performance

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InstaPract is the tool for convenient medical telehealth service

Deliver e-health solutions with a blend of robust technology to improve the patient experience.