AI Solution

InstaPact’s robust, white-labelled platform allows hospitals, clinics, SMEs, and sole practitioner to offer telemedicine for greater patient satisfaction.

AI Solution

The evolving healthcare landscape demands to solve challenges through real-tim data. The need to meet the demand can be stressful when providing care is the primary objective. To tackle this, InstaPract offers AI-based solutions to continue to focus on delivering care and increase patient satisfaction. We act as a catalyst with our AI solution to boost your growth by managing, monitoring, tracking and providing predictive analysis to improve operational workflow. Incorporating this innovative solution with your healthcare system can augment clinical resources and provide an optimal outcome.

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InstaPract Value Differentiators

Data driven decision making

Provide care with timely decisions through predictive analysis. With real-time actionable insights, deliver care in a sophisticated manner while streamlining clinical and administrative workflow. AI provides in-depth understanding of patient’s health through medical information and records.

Early patient risk identification

AI records patient’s health pattern and detects early signs of cancer and heart disease. This accurate identification of diseases can help healthcare providers to monitor and treat life threatening diseases effectively at an early stage reducing the cost burden.

Chronic disease management

By introducing AI into your workflow, you can generate a new data set from patients suffering from chronic diseases. AI intervention can amplify clinical potential to treat them with data-driven report outcome. Enhanced data learning allows providers to engage with patients through insights extracted from constant monitoring.

Predictive triage solution

AI triage chatbot is an efficient and time-saving way to treat patients with general illnesses. Providers can deliver quick, scalable access to primary medical treatment & questions through chatbot conversations. AI improves provider’s ability to diagnose in detail while reducing the burden of performing tedious tasks such as documentation and patient’s follow-up.

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