Bio bubble

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Bio Bubble

With all scheduled events on hold, we need protection that equips us to face the new normal effectively. Bio bubble, a solution that reduces the transmission risk while allowing us to engage with what we do securely is here. It is an invisible shield designed to provide a secure, safe and isolated environment to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Bio bubble is a single-window solution for sports event organizers, smart offices and enterprises. Only authorized individuals after testing negative is allowed inside the protected area. Bio bubble doesn’t limit the protection to the event venue but extends it to hotels, venue staff, security personnel, ground staff, etc. Users are virtually encapsulated in a safe space to protect, track and trace the COVID transmission.

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Contact Tracing

InstaPract’s bio bubble is a COVID-19 regulations compliant and contact tracing is one of its primary objectives. Instead of isolating the entire group, it traces people who recently encountered the person affected by the virus using wearable devices and treat them especially to contain the spread of the virus.

Symptoms tracker

For real-time tracking, periodic tests results, temperature logs and other vital inputs of every Individuals are updated into the system. Every single input is uploaded and monitored to protect the bubble. Moreover, a new member is allowed into the bubble only after testing negative.

Lab integration

Performing tests to protect the bubble is made convenient with lab integration feature. Regular RT-PCR tests are performed for people in the bubble for the safekeeping of everyone. These lab reports are integrated with an individual’s health record automatically for quick future reference using AI.

Accreditation venue access

Venue access is given based on reported symptoms. Once the individual is admitted to the bio bubble, he/she is given access to a health passport. This innovative solution is the key to bio bubble and helps to accurately trace any COVID positive cases in real-time with regular check-ups.

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