Blockchain Solution

InstaPact’s robust, white-labelled platform allows hospitals, clinics, SMEs, and sole practitioner to offer telemedicine for greater patient satisfaction.

Blockchain Solution

Recording and storing transactions can become a hassle in the world of digital data transferring. Without a standard framework, it is impossible to tackle the storage and monitor the real-time data into the system. Only a distributed system with standalone functionality can be a solution for this challenge. InstaPract helps healthcare providers with secured network infrastructure to enable the full potential of interoperability through blockchain management. By adopting blockchain, we create an ecosystem to unleash the benefits of interoperability through ubiquitous secured data transactions.

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InstaPract Value Differentiators

Reduced complexity

Using a “blockchain automation-based system” can provide enchanced traceability and transparency of healthcare data exchange. Transfer of patient record made easy without a centralized system and system-to-system collaboration made available at reduced costs and risks. This simplifies the workflow and improves the system’s efficiency using real-time data.

Innovative framework

We provide an innovative framework for the exchange of information between system, provider and patient addressing various unseen needs. Blockchain provides end-to-end data encryption to maintain trust and transparency in the healthcare ecosystem. The associated algorithm configures real-time confirmation and authorization for a smooth workflow.

Decentralized solution

Unlike a single point of contact, this distributed solution allows peer-to-peer coordination. This coordination helps the system to be up to date with real-time data across all sites/platforms. The decentralized solution can uncover new business needs, reduce administrative overhead, and provide better clinical experience for patients.

Privacy and Security

Exchange of data needs a high standard of security initiatives and InstaPract remains focused on providing data protection at all possible stages. InstaPract allows a high level of safety assurance along with integrity and auditability. Being a 100% white-labelled provider, we enable HIPAA compliance across the platform.

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