EHR/EMR Integration

InstaPact’s robust, white-labelled platform allows hospitals, clinics, SMEs, and sole practitioner to offer telemedicine for greater patient satisfaction.

EHR/EMR Integration

In the current situation, exchanging e-information is a necessity more than a need. But gathering, utilizing and protecting this electronic information for better use remains an unanswered challenge. InstaPract’s Electronic Health Record integration to your workflow can change the way you deliver care for your patients. Adopting EHR/EMR integration can bring an upward trajectory in the way you provide care and manage patients. EHR/EMR can help you make data-driven decisions and provide improvised clinical experience through real-time analysis. Enable data-driven healthcare with better outcomes through smooth data exchange between systems.

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InstaPract Value Differentiators

Data Privacy & security

InstaPract protects and secures data to build trust and transparency between providers and patients. With our HIPAA covered solution, we manage to safeguard and ensure the integrity of sensitive healthcare information. Adoption of technology helps us to improvise and monitor EHR/EMR workflow security effectively.

Interoperability for efficiency

We achieve efficient EHR/EMR integration by optimizing interoperability. With the help of interoperability, we enable disparate systems to communicate better and empower healthcare providers with real-time updates. Reduce redundancy, improve care quality at low health care cost.

Reduce medical errors

EHR/EMR integration allows healthcare providers to act on reliable patient information. This single patient view enables providers to identify hidden patient needs and serve better. Combined view of patient’s information reduces the risk of medical errors and wrong drug prescription.

Automate provider workflow

EHR/EMR Integration can effectively automate clinical workflow. This solution exchange details starting from appointments, check-ups, monitoring, prescribing and more for a simplified and efficient workflow. Effective EHR helps providers to focus on delivering high-quality care without worrying about paper works.

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