Smart Home Care

InstaPact’s robust, white-labelled platform allows hospitals, clinics, SMEs, and sole practitioner to offer telemedicine for greater patient satisfaction.

Smart Home Care

Smart Home Care is at-home care provided to the patient by healthcare workers. Smart Home Care can include a wide range of service starting from nursing, wound management, pediatric care to elderly care. But smart home care is challenged to meet the rising demand for in-person care due to insufficient care. InstaPract helps healthcare providers to stay nimble and to pivot through this evolving home care landscape. Our Smart Home Care solution allows healthcare providers to effectively deliver care with at most convenience by adopting real-time solutions. With our all-in-one telehealth solution, we help healthcare workers to strike a balance between care and clinical procedures.

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InstaPract Value Differentiators

Remote monitoring

This at-home monitoring of patient’s progress makes telehealth effective, especially for chronic disease management. This technology helps healthcare providers to co-ordinate with patients in case of immediate medical attention and reduces rehospitalization rates drastically. Healthcare workers can make a data-driven decision from constant monitoring of the patient’s health.

Patient centered approach

Remote patient monitoring allows healthcare workers to provide medical care from the convenience of their comfort. Our telehealth solution replaces in-person visit with virtual check-ins and e-visits keeping this whole process flexible to both provider and patient. Vital use of telehealth will allow healthcare providers to deliver care effectively at low-cost.

Real-time communication

Telehealth can help healthcare providers to receive patients status/progress in real-time for faster and better interactions with patient’s through video-calls instantly. These streamlined interactions are highly efficient and help to improve patient outcome while reducing the cost of care. With InstaPract’s cost-effective solution, manage and treat chronic diseases effectively.

SME Consulting

Optimize our SME consulting service to excel in the growing home care industry. Ensure stress-free workflow and data management to scale your care delivery despite evolving challenges. We help to build a robust framework that can support modern healthcare system and allows you to scale and cater patients need in this era of digital transformation.

Single patient view

Get a 360-degree view of a patient’s health information through real-time monitoring. This single patient view plays an integral part in delivering the highest quality of patient care even through virtual check-ups. This view enables us to provide an innovative and flexible care delivery system while reducing overall maintenance cost. Provide patient-centric care through the uncluttered approach.

Wireless devices integration

Change the way you improve patient’s health with our wireless devices like an interactive stethoscope, wearable devices, etc. We empower healthcare providers with health-monitoring equipment to meet the rising demand for care. These monitoring devices will reform your healthcare delivery system with timely updates from the patient’s regular reading to immediate emergency attention.

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