Occupational Health

InstaPact’s robust, white-labelled platform allows hospitals, clinics, SMEs, and sole practitioner to offer telemedicine for greater patient satisfaction.

Occupational health

Organizations need to care for employee’s health to maintain productivity, positive mental health, job satisfaction and to improve the overall quality of life of an individual. This objective can be implemented with InstaPract’s SaaS-based Occupational Health Software. Implement health and safety activities organization-wide with advice, assistance and monitoring from health and safety experts. Our solution reflects standardized practice, followed by global occupational experts to provide innovative and seamless workflow. Manage, monitor, protect and maintain employee’s health with our flexible and accessible wide range of solutions.

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InstaPract Value Differentiators

Standardize occupational healthcare management

Standardizing the implementation of occupational health service across your organization allows employees to immediately utilize this service to improve communication and to eliminate the redundancies in health records. Standardization can improve quality and data safety at low cost with minimal errors.

Simplified workflow

Leveraging technology allows us to provide better, faster, and efficient workflow. This helps in improvising the surveillance of worker’s health, pre and post examination follow-ups, initiatives for preventive measures, instant health report updates across the platform to maintain accuracy.

Customize your solution

We provide customized solutions based on ad-hoc requests for small, medium, and large organizations. We tailor-make solutions combining the best in class features to meet your needs. Through our robust solution, experience increased patient satisfaction, better healthcare delivery and improved communication between the provider and the patient.

One-stop access to records

With the integration of Electronic Health Records (EHR) to your existing system, gain access to employee’s complete up to date health-related details through our intuitive dashboard. Enabling quick and coordinated healthcare access while ensuring end-to-end data encryption, helping you to meet your business needs effectively.

Increase Productivity

Improve clinical productivity with standardized business rules, digital consultation, e-prescription, virtual notes and recommendations. Our wearable devices allow you to monitor the patient’s health anytime, anywhere through remote monitoring. Our automated e-mail notification helps you to be on-track with patient follow-ups.

Make data-driven decisions

Our EHR and analytics infrastructure helps you make data-driven decisions using the data captured from the patient’s input. This in-turn empowers providers to make quick, better and improvised recommendations in a short period for a focused patient-centric approach.

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