InstaPact’s robust, white-labelled platform allows hospitals, clinics, SMEs, and sole practitioner to offer telemedicine for greater patient satisfaction.


Digital transformation has the potential to enhance care delivery system and improve patient satisfaction. Telehealth allows healthcare providers to deliver care efficiently from the comfort of their home. With the help of technology, care delivery made simple through virtual check-ins and e-prescription. Our telehealth solution helps to improve communication between provider and patient through real-time video conferencing nullifying the in-person need completely. InstaPract, a HIPPA compliant platform allows you to address your patient’s need on demand by making it affordable and patient centric.

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InstaPract Value Differentiators

Real-time Interaction

Visit your patient anytime, anywhere through live video conferencing. Get regular checkups, examinations and even ophthalmic tests done through InstaPract’s telehealth platform. Real-time consultation provides immediate results for health issues in no time through live interaction. These interactions can be a learning component for remote practitioners.

Remote monitoring

Monitor patient’s health effectively from where you are, through various wireless devices, gadgets, smartphone apps and web-based apps. These devices automatically record and transmit information to your repository for efficient treatment and to increase patient satisfaction. These devices allow you to stay in touch with your patient 24/7.

Support for low bandwidth and slow internet connection

Poor video quality or delayed solution can result in dissatisfaction. InstaPract makes sure to tackle sluggish internet connection by implementing a well-performing solution to work best under optimal network connection. Enabling audio only mode allows healthcare providers to deliver care quickly and improve the overall health of your patient community.

Complete provider support

Unlike other telehealth platforms, InstaPract supports to offer a wide range of in-application support for providers and patients. This feature embraces healthcare providers with the flexibility to experiment and offer care on rising demands from patients. Seamlessly virtualize healthcare by leveraging this support to scale and build more virtual visits.

Virtual appointments

Schedule appointments based on your convenience – enable as active, open your time slots, accept bookings. InstaPract’s simple and effective workflow structure allows you to confirm, cancel or re-schedule appointments to suit your availability or if you are in another e-visit, ask your patients to wait in zero contact waiting room.

Post session summaries

InstaPract allows you to summarize your patient observations through consultation notes and suggest medical recommendation through e-prescription. Providers can mail notes and prescriptions to the patient at the end of each visit. This patient-centric approach enables a trust factor between the provider and the patient to improve patient satisfaction.

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